Most consumers have little knowledge of credit. They do not know how to build, maintain or simply “play a game” to achieve high scores. They are looking for answers to questions and concerns on Google. However, this results in numerous contradictory statements without knowing who is right and who is. If you say that you can not get a loan, you can apply for a loan with Specialists Loan for the most suitable loan options such as general loan, loan closure loan.

Experts Credit experts are here to answer your questions

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Provide personal guidance, and help you achieve your credit and financial goals.  We have more than 4 years of experience in reviewing the law, interacting with banks and working with creditors. As a smaller company, people trust our reputation. This means the purpose is to make you happy and make you say “hello” to a life without debt. We want you to learn from your experience, enjoy the results and prepare for the future.

Working With Experts Credit Is A Privilege

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Experts Credit advisory services are threefold. First, we fix your credit. We remove negative accounts from credit reports. We do this by requesting a proof of debt, large amounts of documentation, and making sure that all legal reporting requirements are followed. It is very difficult to prove the history of debt and credit. Since the majority of paperwork is transferred from physical documentation to electronic systems and in most cases is placed in the wrong place or shortened during the transaction, the creditor has to document it. However, legally, if requested, documents must be provided to make a claim both in the debt request and in the report.

Our Integrity and Reliability are at the forefront as much as our solutions

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We are honest with our customers about what they can expect about their credit restoration status. If the desired results are unlikely to be achieved, the customer will be told immediately and other ways of debt consolidation, mediation and even bankruptcy will be proposed. We have never been presented with a situation where we cannot assist the customer in finding the right way to get their loans back and manage their debts.

Second, all customers agree to take part in the process. This includes not only keeping all payments made with creditors on time from the signing of the contract, but also keeping credit card balances low, not making difficult inquiries and applying for secure cards, loans and / or reimbursements when necessary. Between the removal of negative items and the client’s role in creating a positive credit, the increase in the average credit score when a client’s project is completed is 100 points or more. We do not take legal action without seeing the Experts Credit, our client’s approval and all the actions. The more interested a customer is, the happier everyone is.

Say Goodbye To Your Debts With Experts Credit

Are you drowning in debt? Are you looking for a way out? Or have you tried some consumer debt solutions or not? Do your debts continue to increase exponentially?

Experts Credit is aspiring to your credit consultancy services. These services are available to anyone who has questions about budgeting and debt management. Let’s face it, there’s a lot of information out there, and when you need credit and don’t know where to turn, one of our expert advisors can help you solve the differences in consumer loan solutions.


Credit Counseling Is Not Everyone’s Fee

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Perhaps you are not sure whether loan counseling services offered through a credit counseling company such as Specialists Loan are right for you. Contact us anyway. One of our professionally trained consultants will talk to you about your current financial situation, the reasons for it, and ways to consolidate debts without falling deep.

If you have a large number of unsecured debts (high credit card balances, store cards, medical bills and personal loans), Experts Credit can help you prepare a debt management plan. We will develop a budget that allows you to pay your debts without sacrificing basic monthly living expenses. Thanks to our consolidated loan debt management plans, you can save money and possibly reduce your monthly payments. And you won’t have to borrow more to achieve this. As you can see, our credit counseling services can help you breathe easier and gain financial freedom.

What Is Our Difference Between Other Credit Advisory Companies?

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In addition to credit counseling and debt management programs, Experts Credit offers additional credit counseling services. Your consultant works to give you all the plans to find the most appropriate loan service, as well as show you ways to manage your debts in one hand. We do not put your file on the shelf after a work program has been removed and completed the service. We try to put your economic situation on the road with new plans whenever you need, not just for once. In short, it is not a one-time study to ensure that you can withhold your debt. We accept you to our family, we show you the same sensitivity as we run when someone in our family has a problem and try to find a solution. Call us to prove our difference from other credit consulting companies.

Specialists Credit services

As Kennedy Credit, we provide credit consultancy services in many areas. We provide you with the most suitable loan opportunities such as consumer loan, loan closing loan. Below you can find all the areas we serve:

  • Overdraft Account
  • Credit card
  • Consumer Loans
  • Housing Loans
  • SME Loans
  • Commercial Loans
  • Personal credit
  • Transport Credit
  • Personal finance credit
  • Agricultural Loan
  • Grant Credit
  • Non-Refundable Loans
  • Tradesman Loan

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